My forest walks

The forest is wonderful. Here is still a good weather. I have every day a long walks in that forest yet weather is good. The weather forecast tell us it will change and my forest walks will be not so pleasantly. Yes, the nature is good with any weather conditions but I prefer sun!

The two images

These two images has been taken at same day. One image is light, with sun and golden leafage. I feel the second image as sad. This moss on stones and small puddle waft to me some sad feeling. What can you say?

The differ colors of autumn leafage

My beloved cherry tree change own dress. The leafage all yellow but still on tree. They like filled with gold color. I call now this tree Golden tree.

Contrary, the respberry leafage wonder me with color palette! Still green leafs mix with other that already received from Autumn new colors, red and yellow mainly.


This day give another gift, such beautiful sunset.

The forest road

Today is wonderful sunny autumn day just without any wind. I like this road but I'm not alone!

Basket with mushrooms

Just look at this! It fresh, just picked up half hour ago in the forrest beside us. Yeah, I'm tired but so happy!

Morning mist

Here somethimes, enough rarely, we able to see such great mist! All around is so nice and fun! So sorry seem no any image can tell you how it in real...
Btw, these images remember me china's silk pictures I see once on exhibition of china art.

Life is everywhere

These mushrooms and tree... And everybody (the tree and mushes) fight for own life.


The nature cirlcle yesterday it was on tree, now falling on earth for help the tree this winter and next year... Quite smart, yes?

A large tree

I feel today this tree when have my walk. I touch this giant, and seem feel his tenderness...

Simply beautiful tree

Look at this! It like young girl followed mode :) You know, today dark red very popular!

Agaric honey

Nice family! Nice to meet you all!


I heard the bell sound every day at 12:00 from here.

The reflection in the water

Think deeply! The water is mirror of "no-water". But maybe this is not mirror but another side our life?


Reed always have wet legs but not sick from it! Strong boys!

Very old forest

The forrest like someone huge... and this one may be old too... Someone grow up too much... Need to move but this is not possible. If we grow up very much, we have to change the place or we may get down totally...

Autumn forest

I think the autumn is the most correct time to begin thinking deep who we are, why living and what is the aim our life.

This is also flowers

Flowers at the night :)

The wonders of nature

Twig of raspberry cane

I wish you be strong this winter, wake up in good mood at spring, and glad us your great berries at summer!

Autumn's paints

The autumn is great artist, agree?